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We offer new display units for pinball machines of the manufacturers Williams, Bally, SEGA, Gottlieb, Data East and Stern. These displays are manufactured according to the most modern production methods in SMD technology (Surface Mounted Devices) and are characterised by a very bright and even luminosity as well as an extremely long life span thanks to the LED technology we use. With the PinLED display-sets offered by us, you can equip all pinball machines of the

companies Williams of the year 1978 to 1999, Bally of the years 1978 to 1999, Gottlieb of the years 1990 to 1996 as well as Data East, SEGA and Stern of the years 1988 to today, or you can change the original tube display boards in case of defect. The used alphanumeric PinLED displays have the same dimensions and contours as the original glass tubes. They are avaible in original orange. The displays also have the same segments (with commas).

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We also offer our newly developed LED dot matrix displays in the sizes 128x16 dot (for first generation Data East) and 128x32 (for all manufacturers). These replace defective original glass tubes and are 100% compatible. Furthermore you will also find CPU and driver boards for the Bally/Williams devices in WPC technology in our offer.

All our products are Made in Germany and are subject to strict final controls.